Super MonMyanmar Development Company
Majestic Bagan Holding Company Limited

Mutual benefits of �Myanmar and SMD�

SMD expects that the our development of infrastructure in Myanmar will attract a lot more foreign investors to Myanmar and make local economy prosperous. Besides, SMD will train local Myanmar into skillful labors in all levels of our projects development work. Moreover, SMD will bring our international net-work and promotes tourism and economic trade of Myanmar to explore the resources of Myanmar and availability of products and services in Myanmar. SMD is confident to increase export/importee trades – ultimately by developing Mon States to become as a logistic center and it will lead to increase the GDP of Myanmar. 

By developing this project, SMD will bring along our business partners who are international investment companies to Myanmar. Moreover, this project will need qualified developers, Technicians, design companies, technical support companies and related service staff from local Myanmar It will create many job openings to operate these projects and therefore many local Myanmar will be employed and trained by. SMD and our bur business partners from foreign countries. Various professionals of local Myanmar can earn and learn new business opportunities from SMD�s development projects which are joint venture with foreign investment companies. Therefore, it will be �WIN-WIN� situation for both Myanmar and SMD by developing together.